Grow and Learn

Countryside has a myriad of opportunities for you to get involved and grow! Child care is provided for most classes, to allow individuals of all ages to participate.

  • An ongoing rotation of four to eight week studies on a variety of topics ranging from Bible study to living faithfully in the workplace and everything in between. New classes are always forming and open to everyone.
  • Ongoing intensive Disciple Bible Study classes, providing a life-changing dive into the scripture in a new way.
  • Numerous ongoing weekly classes for those seeking fellowship with other Christians and a way to make the Bible come alive in real life.
  • Seasonal classes in Methodist history and teachings, parenting, spirituality, and a huge variety of other issues.
  • Numerous outside-the-box opportunities to get involved through activities such as gardening, centering prayer, and missions.

Countryside has a group for everyone!  Here are a few examples:

  • God’s Gardeners is group with green thumbs that comes together to beautify the grounds with God’s creation as they care for the church gardens.
  • Senior Adults and Spark Plugs are groups for older adults who still want to be active, grow, and travel on monthly day trips to learn and explore.
  • The Prayer Shawl group meets to make crocheted or knitted shawls that are sacramental gifts for times of grief, illness, and other life challenges to provide comfort, hope, healing, and peace through blessings, prayers, and God’s love.
  • United Methodist Women is an organization of women  in the church dedicated to spiritual growth, social action, education, outreach, and interpretation of global issues.
  • United Methodist Men is an organization of men in the church who promote discipleship through prayer, missions, fellowship, and generosity education/stewardship.

Ongoing Sunday School Opportunities

Families Class, 9:40am in the Dining Room, Paul Swank, Leader
Families class studies a variety of material integrating the Bible and Christian faith with real life and daily living. They relate topics to the particular joys and challenges faced by families in their parenting.

Friends Class, 9:40am in B2, Jane Hibbs, Leader
Friends class is a large and diverse group of people of all ages who come together for study, fun, and fellowship. They study and discuss a wide variety of topics.

Life 101, 9:40am in B5, Eula Moulden, Leader
Life 101 is comprised of a group of people who have experienced many lessons in their faith journey but know many lessons are yet to be learned. They often study contemporary authors and do special studies during Advent and Lent.

Reflections, 9:40am in Room 4, Pam Rector, Leader
Reflections class studies the scriptures related to the sermon topic for the week, and how that affects our walk with God. They are a fun group with a class party every two months. (Class ends in time for individuals to attend choir rehearsal.)

Faith in Context, 9:40am in B3, Don Daniels, Leader
This informal class meets periodically throughout the year to discuss a wide variety of topics related to current events and challenging issues. It is informal and individuals may attend any topics in which they are interested.

Seekers, 10:45am in B4, Laura Krainbill, Leader
Seekers class is a wonderful opportunity for people who attend either the 8:30am or 9:45am worship services to come together in a small group to join in fellowship and study with others.

Weekly Bible Study Opportunities

Lectionary Bible Study, 9:00am in Room 4, a group dedicated to studying the scriptures with open minds and hearts. Taught by the pastors in rotating leadership, this group also uses the Upper Room devotionals to deepen their faith.

Get Acquainted with Your Bible, Tuesdays from 2:00pm – 3:30pm in the Prayer Chapel, a group dedicated to studying each book of the Bible, currently focused on the gospel of Luke. They are using Journey Through the Bible, emphasizing particular dimensions of the Bible, while encouraging active participation from all members.

Disciple Bible Study groups form every fall for intensive, year long experiences of delving deeply into the scriptures and forming lasting bonds with other disciples.

There are numerous ways to get involved and grow!  For more information or to get involved, contact Pastor Christine Potter.

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