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July 2017

“Grateful for the Christian Life,” Rev. Dr. Paul Wilke, Colossians 3:12-21, preached 7.23.17

“Grateful to be Called,” Rev. Christine Potter, Matthew 14:22-33, preached 7.16.17

“Grateful to Sit at the Feet of Jesus,” Rev. Christine Potter, Luke 10:38-42, preached 7.9.17

“Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart,” Rev. Dr. Paul Wilke, Psalm 100, preached 7.2.17

June 2017

“Anyone Who is Thirsty May Come,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Acts 2:1-8, 13-18, preached 6.4.17

May 2017

“The Prayer of Jesus: May They All Be One,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Ephesians 2:17-21, preached 5.28.17 (Memorial Sunday)

“Celebrate the Gift of Grace,” Rev. Brent Clayton, John 14:15-21, preached 5.21.17

“Jesus Cleans House,” Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, John 14:1-7, preached 5.14.17

“Jesus Has Come to Bring Us Life,” Rev. Brent Clayton, John 10:1-10, preached 5.7.17

April 2017

“Distracted Driving,” Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, Luke 24:13-27, preached 4.30.17

“My Faith Journey to Community,” Mary Holloway, 1 Peter 1:3 and Colossians 3:12-17, preached 4.23.17 (United Methodist Women Sunday)

“The Greatest Impact Ever,” Rev. Brent Clayton, John 20:1-18, preached 4.16.17 (Easter Sunday)

“Pass It On,” Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, preached 4.13.17 (Maundy Thursday)

“We’re Not Number One,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 21:1-11, preached 4.9.17

“Never Too Late,” Rev. Brent Clayton, John 11:30-44, preached 4.2.17

March 2017

“Seeing Past Our Own Noses,” Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, John 9:1-11, preached 3.26.17

No recording available for March 19, 2017

“Check Your DNA,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 17:1-9, preached 3.12.17

“Tested By Fire,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 4:1-11, preached 3.5.17

February 2017

“Keeping the Peace,” Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, Matthew 5:9, preached 2.26.17

“Don’t Give Up,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 5:10-12, preached 2.19.17

“20/20 Vision,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 5:8, preached 2.12.17

“What Goes Around,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 5:7, preached 2.5.17

January 2017

“The Worst Day Ever,” Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, Matthew 5:4, preached 1.29.17

“The Way Things Were Meant to Be,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 5:6, preached 1.22.17

No sermon is available for 1.15.17 due to weather cancellations.

“The Blessing of Dependence,” Rev. Brent Clayton, Matthew 5:3, preached 1.8.17

“Shiny Things,” Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, Revelation 21:1-7, preached 1.1.17

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