Sunday Small Groups

Sunday Small Groups

We offer special programs for children ages 3 – 6th grade, with small groups that provide a curriculum engaging the Bible in fun and enlightening ways while focusing on building relationships with each other and with God. Our hope is for children to own their faith and find value in being a part of a faith community. Summer small groups vary by year, always taking a break to allow families time to worship together and to work with vacation schedules of many of our families and volunteers.

To register your child for Sunday School, please register here. (Some of these items are only applicable for our weeknight program on Wednesday nights, but it is simpler to have one registration form.)

9:45 Small Groups

All groups begin at 9:45.  We welcome all children no earlier than 9:35 and kindly request that all students are back with their families or friends no later than 10:45.

Preschool:  Our preschool group meets in room 106.  For the 2015-16 school year, this group will be using the Faithweaver NOW curriculum as a resource.  This classroom is led by a team of teachers who rotate, with two teachers present each week.  We aim to keep the Bible lessons short and sweet, providing a lot of play time for this special age-group of friends!

Kindergarten:  Currently, our kindergarten friends can choose which class to join.  In general, we have found that our kindergarten friends are happiest remaining in the preschool room until the second half of the school year when they are starting to become more developmentally similar to first graders.  Feel free to chat with classroom teachers and try both out to determine which is the best fit for your child!

1st – 3rd Grade: 1st-3rd grade meets in room 207, interacting with the Bible and growing in faith through stories, games, crafts and more.  These classrooms are led by a team of teachers.

Preteens (4th-6th Grade):  Our preteens meet in room 212, exploring the Bible as it relates to their world through games, short videos, and discussion.

11:00 Small Group

Our 11:00 group for 1st-6th graders begins in the sanctuary.  Children may sit with their families or join the class leaders in the front pews no earlier than 10:55am.  Following the children’s message, the small group leaders will escort the students to Room 208 for the remainder of worship.   The structure of this group varies, often times including projects, computers/technology, and other hands-on activities.

Family Worship Sundays

On Family Worship Sundays, children’s programming will not meet, allowing families time to worship together and children to experience worship services in full. Childcare will still be available for ages birth – five years in room 109 of the education wing. Family Worship Sundays for the 2018-19 school year include September 2, November 25, December 30, January 6, April 21, May 26.