Summer Lunch Menu


Monday, June 5 – PB&J, baby carrots, apple, chocolate graham cracker

Tuesday, June 6 – Hamburger on a pretzel bun, baked beans with tomatoes, apricot halves, pickle slices

Wednesday, June 7 – Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, pear half, dinner roll

Thursday, June 8 – Cheese breadstick with marinara cup, monaco blend, red grapes

Friday, June 9 – Deli ham on goldfish bread, celery stick, apple sliced in water

Monday, June 12 – Spaghetti with meat sauce, monaco blend, pineapple chunks

Tuesday, June 13 – Chicken fried beef patty and biscuit, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cuties

Wednesday, June 14 – Pepperoni pizza, mixed vegetables, applesauce

Thursday, June 15 – Meatloaf, whole white potatoes, sliced beets, diced peaches, dinner roll

Friday, June 16 – Shrimp poppers, mixed vegetables, diced pears

Monday, June 19 – Beef soft taco, veggie, fruit

Tuesday, June 20 – Hotdog on bun, veggie, fruit

Wednesday, June 21 – Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggie, fruit

Thursday, June 22 – Meatball sub, veggie, fruit

Friday, June 23 – Ham and noodles, veggie, fruit

Monday, June 26 – Egg roll with rice, veggie, fruit

Tuesday, June 27 – Grilled chicken sliders, veggie, fruit

Wednesday, June 28 – Beef enchiladas, veggie, fruit

Thursday, June 29 – Macaroni and cheese, corn bread, veggie, fruit

Friday, June 30 – Hotdog on bun, veggie, fruit

Monday, July 3 – Manwich on bun, veggie, fruit

Tuesday, July 4 – No meal

Wednesday, July 5 – Chicken fried beef patty, mashed potatoes, gravy, fruit, roll

Thursday, July 6 – Fish sandwich on goldfish bread, veggie, fruit

Friday, July 7 – Hamburger on pretzel roll, sweet potatoes, veggie, fruit

Monday, July 10 – Hotdog on bun, veggie, fruit

Tuesday, July 11 – Pulled pork sandwich, veggie, fruit

Wednesday, July 12 – Roast beef on a bun, veggie, fruit

Thursday, July 13 – Chicken fajita, veggie, fruit

Friday, July 14 – Manwich, veggie, fruit