Resources for Station Leaders & Assistants


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VBC Basics

Daily Schedule

VBC Team (who is serving where)

VBC "Hero Code" (Optional rules/guides for small groups)

VBC "Hero Pledge" (an alternate option to the code)

Hero Verse & Hotline Tips At-a-Glance (1 page theme overview)

Sign Language for the Hero Verse & Hotline Tips (picture/paper version)

Links to videos of each Sign Language Piece:

     Hero Verse

     Hotline Tip Monday

     Hotline Tip Tuesday

     Hotline Tip Wednesday

     Hotline Tip Thursday

     Hotline Tip Friday

More Detailed Safe Gatherings Review

Video Training: VBC Basics


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Craft Plans

Large Group Scripts -  Monday    Tuesday     Wednesday    Thursday    Friday  

Music Curriculum Book

Science Curriculum Book

Snack Plans

Recreation Curriculum Book

VBC Music Videos/Choreography:

    Hero Hotline

    If U Wanna B A Hero

    Hold Up

    Beat Like Yours

    Let's Strive

    Work Together

    Good Life

    Your Grace

    That's What Makes a Hero