Current Sermon Series

Stories of WIND & WATER:

Unleashing the Power of The Holy Spirit

May 23:

"Wind Power"

Acts 2:43-47

Rev. Dr. Paul Wilke

May 30:

"Beside the Crystal Sea"

Revelation 15:1-4

Rev. Dr. Paul Wilke

June 6:

"Baptized for Hydro-Powered Faith"

Joshua 3: 11-17

Rev. Dr. Paul Wilke

June 13:

"Taking Flight"

Psalm 91:-1-6

Rev. Christine Potter

(final Sunday at CUMC-prior to start-up at Cafe Quetzal)

June 20:

"When You Swim with the Fishes; God is There!"

Johah 2:1-10

Rev. Dr. Paul Wilke

June 27:

"Calm Down"

Matthew 14:22-23

Rev. Dr. Paul Wilke

(Live at 11:00 -view anytime thereafter)
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