Welcome VBC Team!

Greetings VBC Team! Hero Hotline is calling us closer and I can't wait to kick it off!!

A reminder that we are meeting June 26-June 30. Campers will start arriving as early as 8:50 and will be picked up at noon. Please plan to arrive around 8:30 on Monday, June 26th for our first day and be in your starting location by 8:45am.

To get ready for the week, please plan to watch the training video(s) below (to be added by June 19) or attend one of the in-person training sessions. For in-person training, those working at stations will be dismissed early when we shift our focus to small group leaders. Dates and links are below. If you prefer in-person training and cannot attend one of the scheduled sessions, let me know and we can find another time to meet up.



       Sunday, June 25 from 10:50-11:30am or  12:15-12:45/1:00  - in Room 210 of the Education Wing

       Other time as arranged with Becky Ericson


  • General Information (for all team members):
  • Classroom Leaders:


All of the leader guides, daily plans, and other resources that are in your leader binder can be found on the sites below so you can access them at home or pull it up on your phone while at VBC. (Most are already there, but I will be adding to it throughout this week.) Station assistants: your leader will direct you on the plans for each day. Not all of the activities in the big curriculum books are being used.

WEB RESOURCES:Small Group Leaders: https://countrysideumc.org/connect/vbc-resources-for-small-groups

Stations & all other leaders: https://countrysideumc.org/connect/vbc-resources-for-stations

Finally, I will email out a list of our volunteer team soon and will continue updating the documents on the website above.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Becky Ericson


(785) 266-7541

(785) 250-9729 (cell)